Handling the Challenges of Dating an Unemployed Man

As a rule, jobless men are the least attractive category of candidates for female singles. Usually, even fixing a date is next to impossible. After all, despite all the technological advances, some old-school truths hold true. Women do not date unemployed men. 

This may sound a bit shallow. However, the reasons are often deeper than the desire to find a breadwinner to provide for her. Such males are associated with uncertainty and passivity, lack of motivation and laziness. The exact label depends on the situation, but it is definitely not flattering. 

But Is It Ever Acceptable to Date a Jobless Man? 

Some women are capable of going beyond prejudice and at least identifying the reasons behind this status. People lose their jobs due to various factors. Here, females protected no more than men. 

His company may bring you happiness despite the lack of money. What if this unemployed man truly understands you, sharing your values and goals? Should you dismiss him based on joblessness alone?

A typical question asked on forums is: “I want to go out and have fun, but I have to pay. I have a car/house, but he doesn’t. Is this relationship doomed?” The answer largely depends on his plans for the future.

How Long?

Is he okay with his own situation, or is he making an effort to change it? If he has just been fired or made redundant, it is natural to be between jobs for a while. As long as he is job hunting and going to interviews, he deserves a chance. 

On the other hand, if he is perfectly comfortable in his position, this is a red flag. The situation has little effect on his self-esteem. If he feels good being cared for by his woman, he has little motivation for change, whatever he tells you. 

A man, being a reliable spouse, will be looking for every opportunity to regain employment. He should feel awkward if he is unable to pay for dinner. If you see his entrepreneurial spirit anyway, not all is lost.

Any Prospects?

Does he have any chances of employment, let alone a successful career? Go through the options together, but make it as delicate as possible. If his future is hazy, you could get in trouble later on. And here is why.


If he feels inadequate, while no chances of improvement come up, the situation will only go downhill. Such a partner may start hating his life and everything in it, including you. Prolonged unemployment causes feelings of bitterness and resentment. 

What is worse, sooner or later (if he is prone to violence), this aggression may turn physical. He can become abusive in his efforts to ‘assert his manhood’. This is hardly an attractive prospect. 

Overall, dating an unemployed man is possible, but only if his status is temporary, and you see his desire to change it. In other cases, you are just dealing with a lazy bum who would rather use your money than go out and seek a job.

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