Should You Date a Girl Gamer?

Computer games are wildly popular, despite all the criticism blaming them for human violence. It is a fun activity enjoyed by males and females alike. The stereotype of a gamer is someone nerdy and caught up in the fantasy world. Naturally, for someone unfamiliar with virtual universes, sitting for hours in front of a PC screen does not look exciting. 

You may be surprised, but there are many reasons for making a gamer girl attractive. You do not need to play the same games or play at all to see them. When she is away from her gaming console, she can be fun and understanding. And she is no less likely to be your perfect match. 

She Appreciates Your Need for Alone Time

The majority of gamers understand why spending at least some time alone is vital. She will not be a control freak who wants to be with your 24/7. If you need space, a gamer will provide it without making a fuss. 

In return, you will need to adopt the same attitude. By the very logic of attraction, you crave each other’s company more after a period of absence. You can hang out with the boys while she stays at home engrossed in another virtual survival adventure. It is a win-win! 

She is not Shallow

According to research carried out by the U.S. Department of Defense, gamers are more intelligent than the average folks. Aside from being entertaining, computer games require problem-solving skills, good hand-eye coordination, and a sharp mind. 

Games keep the neural connections in her brain highly active. Survival in the game is only possible for those who can observe, memorize, and maintain their focus for extended periods. 

She is Open-minded and Creative

Gamers often keep on exploring novelties, so they keep their minds open. Their imagination is rich and fueled in part by all the virtual fantasies. She can find something useful or surprising in the most mundane of things. There will never be a moment of boredom!

She is Okay with Simple Dates

A gamer girl may be happier staying at home than going to a fancy restaurant. You can play together enjoying pizza and still have a lot of fun. It is hard to find a lady who would not label you a cheapskate for this.

If you just do not feel like going out, a gamer girl will accept your wish. With her wild imagination, she can come up with a lot of fun ideas for an indoors date.  

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