Are the Ukrainians Truly the Best or Is It a Myth?

Are the Ukrainians Truly the Best or Is It a Myth?

I spent a magnificent week in Kyiv watching the local female residents passing me by in the street. It might seem invisible for the first time, but if you are an attentive traveler, you’ll notice that something is making Ukrainian women different from the Europeans or Americans. Even their closest neighbors, the Russians, demonstrate less charm and sex appeal.

Ukrainian women for marriage are very beautiful. It starts with the behavior and finishes with their attitude to fashion and daily makeup. I’ve visited more than 25 countries and I do have a possibility to make conclusions and comparisons.

A Ukrainian Woman Has Taste

There’s a widely spread misconception concerning the bad taste of Ukrainian women and their inability to follow the trends. The Europeans are sure that the Ukrainian mentality is affected by the Soviet past and innumerable restrictions established by the old-fashioned views of the elderly.

Of course, the elderly generation had a significant impact on the behavior of Slavic people. French, Spanish, British, Italian, and other European people are not as blinkered and emotionally restrained as the Russians and the Ukrainians.

Nevertheless, the development of the internet opens a whole new world of opportunities. Ukrainian women are no longer restricted in means of knowledge about style, makeup, and the latest trends. It means that the Ukrainians are:

  • NOT unkempt and outdated;
  • NOT overly well-groomed;
  • NOT unaware of fashion;
  • NOT victims of fashion;
  • NOT artificial.

European women have nothing in common with the Ukrainians. We don’t want to say that the latter is worse. They are merely different.

We should stay away from crude generalizations because these are vague conclusions leading nowhere. Women of the so-called civilized countries are the same as the Ukrainians. Historical and social aspects influence their behavior and opinions, but they stay regular women with their basic preferences and needs. All women are different and each of them deals with grooming and fashion depending on her perception of life and trends in it.

Ukrainian Women Are Not About Remnants of the Soviet Past

Most men of the west think that a typical Ukrainian woman has awful artificial long nails, pouty lips, and fake hair. Well, it’s not that truthful. Women like these originate from many countries. If they don’t consider themselves well-groomed and naturally beautiful, they start boosting themselves up with questionable cosmetic and surgical procedures. It’s a sort of “normal” for the shallow women having no idea that there are better ways of improving and expressing themselves.

Ukrainian women for marriage do tend to improve themselves. A certain category of women here tends to improve themselves to an unrecognizable state. Thankfully, they are not the majority of the population.

Soviet past seriously affects their perception of beauty. Some of these ladies are too blinkered to understand that beauty is more than excessively plump lips with fake hair and revealing clothes. Most of them understand that:

  • Wearing high heels daily is not obligatory;
  • Excessive make-up and long hours of doing it are not worth it;
  • Red lipstick is not the best choice for those who have to work with people in the morning;
  • New brands keep appearing and there’s no need to put on everything at a time;
  • Decorative cosmetics are not as essential as healthcare measures, vitamins, sports, etc.

Ukrainian women tend to use neutral makeup colors and wear basic clothes to work, study, and hanging-outs with friends. Of course, maybe, their perception of fashion is far away from the ideals of the Italian women, but it does not mean they cannot deal with the basic fashion trends available in any local ready-to-wear clothes chain store.

Almost Any Ukrainian Woman Knows What “Appropriate” Is

If she has no idea what to wear to a formal party with her husband and his colleagues, she is not that smart, and you will hardly consider a woman like this a sensible partner.

A reasonable and sensible Ukrainian woman knows what to wear to the Metropolitan Opera or the local pub for a couple of beers with your friends. It’s not that much of a trouble. Ukrainian women usually wear something ordinary in public if it’s not an official meeting. Nevertheless, she knows how laconic her clothes should be when it’s about a special event.

Gosh, if you get in a relationship with a smart Ukrainian woman, be prepared for the looks of affection from your friends and co-workers. The selection of clothes is a very important part here. A Ukrainian woman always something to wear in her closet regardless of what she’s going to attend – a wedding, a visit to an opera theatre, a wedding of your friend, or a meeting with your colleagues. She will easily dress up for the ball. Don’t be judgmental about the Ukrainians and their sense of style.

The Ukrainians Know How to Match the Context

Ukrainian women know how to behave and look appropriately depending on the situation and the social environment. If a woman knows how to pick out an outfit right, it means that it’s a part of her aesthetic perception and education. The more educated a person is, the more developed sense of style he/she has.

Modern Ukrainian women tend to get as educated as it is possible. Education has become accessible through cost-effective online educational platforms. Almost every Ukrainian woman widens her scope of knowledge through the studies of foreign languages. The more she finds out about the foreign languages, the better her sense of style and balance is.

Of course, about 30 years ago, most European women had access to fashion magazines. They also inherited information about style, trends, and dress-up habits from their predecessors. The Russians and the Ukrainians living behind the “iron curtain” were limited in matters of cultural information.

Nowadays, things have changed thanks to movies, television, the internet, and social interaction through online networks. The new, educated generation of Ukrainian women has already managed to give birth to their daughters and bring them up intelligent and with a sense of style. 

What Affected the Mentality of Young Ukrainian Women

The younger generation of Ukrainian women (in their thirties) demonstrates huge interest in the cultures and life peculiarities of European countries. It happened due to the following things:

  • TV series. One of the most popular TV projects of the nineties was Beverly Hills. The series has been on for about 10 years showing the lifestyle of American teenagers and their environment. Of course, the world was fictional, but the overall atmosphere combined with the young age of the main characters produced a massive impact on Young Ukrainian women 30 years ago.
  • The appearance of the high-speed internet flooded the world with innumerable trends to follow for those, who have never been into fashion before. At present days, regardless of where you live, you can get access to information sources about fashion and synchronize with the world.
  • The access to cost-efficient basic clothes and cheap, but relatively good brands now help women from remote places to learn the essentials of good taste. It’s not only about clothing, but about makeup, perfume, and behavior in society.

International stores in Ukraine helped Ukrainian women understand that there’s no need to buy high-quality but random products just because they have a chance to do it. It also prevents them from looking over-dressed and too well-groomed. Current European clothes brands try to produce simple clothing so that all items are compatible with each other thanks to their neutral color palette.

Ukrainian Women Do like to Dress Up

Ukrainian women do not tend to look flawlessly every single day, but they find it important to be neat and smart. Nevertheless, if they get a chance to show off, they use it to the full due to the following reasons:

  • It makes them gain confidence in society;
  • It gives a chance for self-expression;
  • It can give success in career and business relationship.

You should also memorize the fact, that if a Slavic woman decides to dress up, it’s not solely for a man accompanying her. It’s mostly for her self-enjoyment. Of course, she wants her man to feel proud for having such a beautiful companion by his side. But she does not associate herself with an accessory – she’s a self-contained personality dressed up for her psychological comfort.

Ukrainian Women: Bottom Line

Ukrainian women’s mentality has gone far apart from the misleading stereotypes popular among the men of Europe. They do have access to information about the way the other countries live and develop accordingly. Of course, there were some awkward situations of the past connected with the insufficient contact with the world and the policy of the Soviet propaganda.

Now, these women are getting better as the years go by.

Please, stop comparing the Ukrainians and the Russians with the women from the other countries in matters of intellectual development and style. Of course, they have a different historical background and might have peculiar views on family life and relationships in general. Nevertheless, they are not victims of fashion and have nothing in common with artificial beauty (of course, exceptions still exist, but it’s normal for any developed country).

All women are ordinary and beautiful. Their knowledge about the world gives them a possibility to become better with the years. Ukrainian women are:

  • Resourceful but smart in matters of style;
  • Charming by nature and able to use this quality to compensate for the visual imperfections;
  • Successful housewives;
  • Incredible modern mothers;
  • Persistent in their striving to become better and more beautiful.

I’m sure, that there’s something more significant lying behind the charms of the renowned Ukrainian women. It’s all about their hospitality, attitude to dating, marriage, and family values. These women become perfect pals, loyal partners, and incredible support for the elderly family members regardless of the way they look (however, they do look gorgeous).

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