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Alloy wheels definitely top the chart when it comes to high quality wheels for automobiles. Made of aluminium, these are a lot stronger than regular wheels made of steel. Also, alloy wheels offer much better braking and acceleration as opposed to regular steel wheels. In addition to these benefits, alloy wheels also contribute a lot to the appearance of the car because they provide the car with a classy and professional look. However, there is no doubt about the fact that just like any other type of car wheels, you need to take good care of alloy wheels too otherwise they would lose their lustre.

So how can one look after alloy wheels? Apart from engaging in alloy wheel repair whenever needed, it is also important to practice some care and maintenance tips to keep them sparkling new! A lot of times when people wash their cars, they often leave out the wheels but it is important to remember that it is just as important to clean the wheels as it is to clean the car's body. A slight drawback of aluminium wheels or alloy-wheels is that these require a little more maintenance than others. Nevertheless, properly cleaned alloy-wheels definitely add to the vehicle's appearance.

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Alloy car wheels are most loved for their shine, therefore in order to preserve their shine one should engage in periodic cleaning and polishing. You can use a wheel cleaning brush, large cotton swabs, a washing mitt, soft rags and a hose for cleaning the wheels. Additionally, you can also invest in a mild wheel cleaner or just use a cheap shampoo to clean the wheels thoroughly. At first, you should hose the wheels in order to remove or soften the dirt and grime so that they do not scratch the surfaces of the wheels when you clean them. Next, take a rag or a mitt and using some shampoo or wheel cleaner give the wheels a gentle scrub. You can use the wheel brush for brushing the spokes of the wheel. The cotton swabs can be used for cleaning the hard-to-reach spots on the wheels. Once you have cleaned the wheels to your heart's content, simply hose it with water again before wiping it with a dry cotton rag and allowing it to air-dry.

Since alloy wheels are generally coated with clear paints or waxed in order to maintain their shine, it is necessary to polish these after cleaning them. If your car features anodized-finish alloy-wheels then there is no need of polishing, simply apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to it and you're good to go! In case your alloy-wheels have a chrome finish then you should invest in a chrome polish. An aluminium polish also works for regular alloy-wheels. The task of polishing the wheels is really easy, simply use a bit of polish and a clean rag to buff the surface until it becomes shiny. It is ideal to clean the car on a warm day so that it would dry faster. However, do not put the car under direct sunlight as it would damage it.